South County Athletic Association (SCAA) has youth sports programs in the Lorton / Springfield VA area for football, soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, wresting, volleyball, and track.


SCAA COVID-19 Guidelines:


In order to help with COVID-19 guidelines, we need help from the entire community to do our best to restrict the spread.  Please help follow these guidelines to help us have safe, fun and enjoyable sports seasons!


  • Anyone with any illness or symptoms of COVID-19 must remain home.  Parents, please make sure to complete a daily pre-screening of all student-athletes before they attend practice in accordance with the CDC guidelines to determine whether or not your child should participate in group sport activities. All visiting teams/opponents will use their own system to verify health checks.
  • Attendance will be captured by coaches/instructors
  • Masks should always be worn by everyone at all times.
    • ​The only exception is for players during practice/competition
  • Players must wear a mask as they enter/exit all practice facilities and at any time not with their team
  • Social distancing measures must be observed upon entrance and exit from all practice facilities
  • Social distancing at every possible controllable circumstance
    • ​Team huddles (coach in middle, all players a minimum of 6' apart in a circle)
    • Sideline (players a minimum of 6' apart)
    • Players must be a minimum of 6' apart during drill lines (Parents help with enforcement
  • Players will bring their own equipment, water, and hand sanitizer, labeled with the athlete’s name.  Absolutely no sharing
  • Coach/SCAA may provide sanitizer for athletes as needed
  • Coaches/Referees must always have a mask on them and must wear it whenever in close proximity to a player or any other person
  • Only coaches, referees, and players will be allowed on the field/practice facility.  Families must be outside the fences (or playing areas) and a minimum of 10' away from other families
  • SCAA and/or Team Coaches will ask for volunteers to serve as COVID coaches to promote social distancing and the use of hand sanitizers, along with any other possible COVID measures


At each facility:

  • Team bench should only be used if 10” of distance between players is possible
  • Parents/Fans are asked to stay 10” apart outside of the field in use
  • Signs with SCAA recommendations, CDC recommendations posted
  • Entrance and Exit to facilities must be separate and clearly defined with signs


Prior to all practices and competitions:

  • All Athletes must have a current (day of) health assessment on file, submitted via Google Forms
    • ​Link is on main SCAA home page
    • QR Code







  • Coach or a team parent will ensure that each athlete has an assessment submitted prior to beginning of each athletic event
  • If a team attends a meeting at which the host requires a health assessment to be provided, this supersedes the requirement of SCAA
  • All coaches must have a current (day of) health assessment on file, submitted via Google Forms
    • Link is on SCAA main website
    • QR Code:

We are in this together -- STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19! Wear a mask.